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Create and email Valentines using your iPhone/iPod touch pictures!



  • Create fun animated Valentine greeting cards using photos that you've taken on your iPhone or iPod touch.
  • You choose the Valentine heart set.
  • You set the message in the festive Valentine's Day banner.
  • Save your ValentineMaker holiday greeting to your iPhone or iPod touch photo library.
  • Email the ValentineMaker Valentine greeting right from your photo library to your friends!
  • Save your favorites with easy access, or to edit later.
  • Perfect to create Valentine's Day greetings using photos of your pets.
    Available on the iTunes App Store..

  ValentineMaker From iPhone Explorer.  
  ValentineMaker from iPhone Explorer  
  ValentineMaker main screen showing currently selected Valentine.  
  ValentineMaker Main Screen  
  List of Valentines that you have created. The currently selected Valentine will have a check by it.  
  Your Valentines  
  Easily create a ValentineMaker greeting to go into the festive holiday banner. Fill in greeting Name and Description. (Note: both fields are REQUIRED)  
  Create ValentineMaker greeting.  
  Choose and scale the picture from your iPhone, or iPod touch photo album.  
  Choose Picture  
Choose, drag and rotate/size the hearts on the photo.
  Choose hearts.  
  Save your Valentine. This will save your ValentineMaker greeting to your photo library!  
  Save your Valentine.  
  Now you can email your ValentineMaker Valentine greeting to your friends right from your photo library!  
  Send your Valentine!